Homeowners Kaitlyn and Jerry have recently had a team from MidAmerica Basement Systems at their home to tell the options they had for waterproofing their home. They feared that the water in their home was causing damage to the home and they knew that if they did not address the issue that the water and moisture could lead to mold. They knew it was time to meet with a professional to make sure that their home was protected for years to come. 


Design Specialist Chris DeVore did a full inspection of the inside and the outside of their home and gave them design options specific to their home. After meeting with a design specialist they knew that having their basement waterproofed was the best idea for them and their home. The waterproofing system is installed in the basement. First, a trench is dug around the perimeter of the home and the WaterGuard system is added to the trench. The WaterGuard system is similar to a channeling system, it moves the water in the home to the sump pump. The sump pump then pumps the water out of the basement. After the system is placed and level, making sure the water will properly run to the sump pump, the system is covered in concrete to make it apart of the home. When the system inside is completed a discharge line is added outside of the home to let the water out of the home into a place in the yard that will not pool or cause damage to the home. The discharge line is buried underground to give your yard a clean look. 

The discharge line that is outside of the home.
The TripleSafe sump pump after it has been completed.
The WaterGuard system after it has been fully installed around all of the exterior walls.
Before the basement waterproofing project is started.