Rodger and Kathleen B. of Galesburg, IL decided to get a free estimate from MidAmerica Basement Systems for their damp, musty, smelly crawlspace. The humidity and odors being released from the space warranted the call.


MidAmerica Basement Systems Design specialist Fred Romane met with Rodger and Kathleen. When they met, Fred listened as Rodger and Kathleen described what they wanted to see accomplished in their space. Then, Fred conducted a thorough investigation of the inside and outside of the home. Upon inspection, Fred noted that the space was indeed pretty damp. Fred recommended having the crawlspace encapsulated. 

Foreman Kyle McCarty and his team came out to install the project. They installed CleanSpce Drainage Matting, and CleanSpace encapsulated the space. Kyle's team also installed two SmartSumps, and also used insulation products to trap heat. CleanSpace Drainage Matting is designed to direct water toward the SmartSump Sump Pumps. CleanSpace, a thick, pool liner-like corded material traps moisture and odors. 

Rodger and Kathleen are very happy now that their home does not carry a musty smell, and their crawlspace is dry!

Opening to the crawlspace.
The crawlspace is dirty and damp in appearance.
At some point, it appears tunnels were dug out in the crawlspace by a homeowner or a contractor.
The crawlspace is encapsulated with CleanSpace. It's bright, white, and clean.
CleanSpace is meticulously installed, trapping odors and moisture.
SmartSump is a tiny sump pump installed in the space to keep water out.
The crawlspace is bright, dry, and vapors are trapped.