In West Branch, Randy O. was having a real problem with his consistently damp, muggy crawl space and soon the professionals at MidAmerica Basement Systems were contacted. Randy explained to Appointment Center Representative, Jessica McDonough, he has to run a dehumidifier all the time and that it is a real pain. He further explained that whenever he would open the windows, the air would make the crawl space really damp and then there is condensation on the insulation. Design Specialist, Kiel Marks, was sent to inspect Randy’s home and provide an estimate. Kiel explained in detail the best solutions to permanently remedy Randy’s dank crawl space. 


Foreman, Mike Clementz, led the project. The team sealed the space from the earth by securing CleanSpace liner to the floor and walls. CleanSpace has multiple layers of plastic with differing characteristics making it durable yet flexible. CleanSpace has an antimicrobial additive that makes it resistant to mold growth and is able to stop water vapor from evaporating in the space. The team laid a dimpled polyethylene drainage matting underneath CleanSpace to allow water flow to the sump pump. A Smart Sump was installed as the crawl spaces’ sump pump system that will keep leaks from pooling in the space. SmartSump is designed to keep crawl spaces dry with an airtight floor drain, cast iron pump, CleanPump stand and WaterWatch alarm system. To effectively keep humidity low, SaniDry CX was installed. SaniDry CX is designed to keep humidity low in crawl spaces while also filtering the air, providing a dryer, fresher space. SaniDry CX drains to the SmartSump so there little to no maintenance required with SaniDry CX and SaniDry CX is Energy Star rated. With these systems altogether, Randy never has to fret over a damp crawl space or spend money with inefficient dehumidifiers ever again!

The crawl space before with inefficient dehumidifier.
The space before is damp and unpleasant.
CleanSpace liner seals and brightens the space.
SaniDry CX and SmartSump make the dream team against water intrusion in this crawl space!