After the young Miss A. competed in both a state and a national radon poster competition, she encouraged her parents to test for radon in their Byron, IL home. Bill and Val A. listened to their daughter's sound advice, and called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems. When they tested for radon, they were shocked! The home's radon level was 15x higher than the EPA's acceptable radon level. Soon thereafter, design specialist Bryan Christopherson came to their home to custom design a radon solution. 


When design specialist Bryan Christopherson met with the Byron homeowners, they "stated they would not have even tested for radon if it had not been for their daughter, who won first place in the state of Illinois" for her creative and educational radon poster. They were so happy they did after the results came back much, much higher than expected. The potentially life-threatening radon gas was affecting their whole family - pets included. 

Upon inspection, Bryan and the homeowners determined that the Select Bundle was the best choice to mitigating toxic radon gasses in Bill and Val's home. Radon can enter a home a variety of different ways. Most radon comes directly from the soil, but it can also come from the air, pores and cracks in the foundation, the materials used to build a home, water from wells, and loose fitting pipes, to name a few. Radon gasses can enter from a variety of substances, and as it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, the only way to find out if toxic radon gas is affecting a home is to test.

With Bill and Val's radon level 15x higher than the EPA's acceptable radon level, they were ready to install the radon mitigating solution. Foreman Bill Willcox and his team installed the new radon mitigation system, complete with the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner furnace filter, Crack Sealing, Moisture Guard, and the Exterior Aesthetic Package. The new radon mitigation system is working great! It is aesthetically pleasing and non-obtrusive, leaving Bill and Val very happy to have protected their home and their family. 

This map shows where the highest risk of radon is in the country.
This picture shows the home before the radon mitigation system is installed. After the radon mitigation is installed, not much will change - especially from the front of the house view.
Before the radon mitigation system is installed, the location for the install looked like this.
The radon mitigation pipe in noninvasive inside the home.
The partial radon mitigation system is installed. The last thing to be installed is the aesthetic package.
The new radon install is complete. The radon mitigation system is aesthetically appealing, and non-obtrusive.