Chandler and Danielle D. of Davenport family was growing. Their once storage bedroom, now became a nursery for their newest member of the family, but quickly ran out of room for their personal effects. There was no basement for them, but they did have a crawl space which they wanted to use for storage. The issue was that their crawl space was damp and leaking water, putting their personal effects in there was not even close to ideal.


The experts at MidAmerica set up an appointment for a free estimate at the home of Chandler and Danielle and suggested that they install a sump pump and crawl space encapsulation system, to meet the needs of a storage space. The first task the Crew encountered was installing a SmartSump to keep the basement from leaking. After the SmartSump was installed, CleanSpace Drainage Matting was laid to direct any flow of moisture to the sump pump, followed by CleanSpace. CleanSpace is a 20 mils thick, polyester cord reinforced, liner that prevents tears and punctures. The CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System now allows for Chandler and Danielle to have a space to store personal belongings in one confined area, rather than throughout their home, while keeping everything dry and safe from water damage.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Justin Reger

Product Installed: SmartSump & CleanSpace

Installing drainage system to direct water flow to SmartSump.
SmartSump is ready to discharge any water that enters the crawl space.
Total CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System ready to be used as a storage area.