Brent and Kathy of Davenport, IA decided to overhaul their wet basement. They first did a job with MidAmerica Basement Systems waterproofing the basement, and another job installing a new radon mitigation system. Then, they chose MidAmerica Basement Systems inorganic, waterproof basement finishing materials to make their basement beautiful. After meeting with design specialist Joe Sarb, foreman Bill Wilcox and team started the work. 


The homeowners customized their basement with Pro Comfort Carpet. The plush carpet is laid atop the ThermalDry Floor Decking, and then the insulated carpet placed. The carpet's insulation uses Silver Glo technology, which makes the floor up to 10 degrees warmer. That's a big difference! The EverLast Wall Restoration System encapsulated the space with carpet flooring. 

The homeowners also wanted tile flooring. They settled on the Thermal Dry Tile flooring in the beautiful sandstone color. The easy to clean tiles are water resistent, and long lasting not to mention aesthetically pleasing. With their basement waterproofed, radon free and finished, the homeowners are thrilled! 

The before.
ThermalDry Floor Decking is being laid for the Pro Plush Carpet.
The Pro Plush Carpet is being installed.
The installed Pro Plush Carpet looks great!
Everlast Wall Restoration look great!
Thermal Dry Tile Flooring in Sandstone looks amazing.