Bill and Marsha had previously had another waterproofing company come and seal a leak in their basement foundation. A few months later they were still having issues with water leaking into their finished basement. What they thought was a new leak, was actually the same leak that had previously been patched. When service tech, Tim, arrived to inspect the issue, he made note that the seal was not properly applied. Tim offered the couple a permanent solution of FlexiSpan.


Adao and Scottie were sent to Bill and Marsha’s home to properly repair the foundation crack. After removing the old, failed sealant, FlexiSpan was applied. FlexiSpan is made of a high-viscosity polyurethane polymer to sets deep into cracks. Concrete expand and shrink during the freeze/thaw and wet/dry cycles, making it necessary that crack injections flex with the movement to create a permanent seal. FlexiSpan allows for a durable, flexible seal that moves and shifts with the natural movement of the foundation. Common sealants are made of hydraulic cements, epoxies, and urethane that will split and crack during foundation shifts. Once a seal breaks, the foundation is at risk for producing a larger crack, with FlexiSpan, you never have to worry about a broken bond.

Project Summary

Polyurethane Crack Injections: FlexiSpan

Common sealant has not properly sealed the foundation's leaks.
During inspection, multiple leaks were found that had not been addressed previously.
Old crack injection is removed and prepared for FlexiSpan.
FlexiSpan is neatly placed along the cracks to permanently seal the basement from water.