Nancy and David K. from Bloomington were experiencing an alarming amount of water in their basement when it would rain. They contacted the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems and the couple spoke to Representative, Renee Clearman. They explained that the last rain they had had torrential downpours and their basement leaked from several places. They ended up with 4 inches of water in the basement, which was the worst it has ever been! The team sent Design Specialist, Kevin Coakley, to provide the homeowners with a free inspection and estimate. Kevin explained to Nancy and David the best, permanent solution for waterproofing their basement.


Leading the project was Foreman, Bill Wilcox. The team sprayed the walls with Mold X to neutralize the mold growth which was rapidly growing because of the ideal damp condition of the basement. To waterproof the perimeter, the team installed a WaterGuard drainage system. The team lined the walls with the antimicrobial, 20 mil thick CleanSpace liner. WaterGuard and CleanSpace work perfectly together to drain wall leaks away from the foundation floor and to the newly installed TripleSafe sump pump. A TripleSafe is considered a premier sump pump because of the features designed to keep basements dry all the time. These include the UltraSump battery back-up pumping system with charging/control box with alarm, including 3 CleanPump stands, airtight lid with airtight floor drain, and WaterWatch alarm system.  These patented systems together will provide Nancy and David peace of mind that their basement is better prepared to handle the heaviest rains!

Moldy, damp basement caused by repeated water intrusion.
Mold X will help neutralize mold growth but the key to keeping mold growth at bay is to address the dampness that encourages it.
CleanSPace, WaterGuard and TripleSafe can afford Nancy and David some much needed peace of mind during the rainy season!