Returning customers, Lillian and Cassandra had recently had their basement waterproofed to create a playroom for their children. During their yearly service appointment, it was noted that their basement walls were beginning to bow. It was proposed that they have a CarbonArmor system installed to prevent the bowing walls from furthering. Two months later, Dillon and his crew went to do the CarbonArmor install, and a bigger problem had a raised.


“After Douglas and I arrived there, we noticed after taking the CleanSpace down, that the really was a sheer in the wall. The bottom row of block foundation was sliding into the house under the pressure,” spoke Dillon. Because the walls had shifted so much, CarbonArmor could not be applied effectively. Due to the big shift in the wall, he quickly assessed the situation and recommended that PowerBraces be installed. PowerBrace is a I-Beam system that allows for tightening and can potentially straighten the wall over time. Each beam is zinc coated, allowing for it to be resistant to corrosion, reduces abrasion and wear, and creates a non-toxic surface. Each PowerBrace is properly installed to the floor joists, evenly distributing the load of the home and protecting the wood floor system. Thanks to Dillon and Douglas’ expertise and knowledge on bowing walls, they were able to properly address Lillian and Cassandra’s failing foundation problem. Lillian and Cassandra’s children can continue to use the basement as their play area.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Dillon Heard

Foundation Repair: PowerBrace

Large foundation shift prevents installation of CarbonArmor.
PowerBraces are set into place.
Joist reinforcement distributes the load properly.
PowerBraces are permanently set, providing stable foundation.
PowerBrace system prevents the walls from bowing further, and potentially improve the wall over time.