Bill T. from Bloomington had some serious concerns regarding his house settling which was forming cracks in the main part of the home and was causing the floor to become uneven. Bill further explained to our Appointment Center Representative, Brittany Soucy, the crawl space foundation had settled about ¾ of an inch leading to interior damage. Bill needed help correcting and stabilizing two areas of his home and the MidAmerica Basement Systems Team was eager to assist him! The team sent Design Specialist, Dan Garner, to Bill’s home to provide a thorough inspection of the property. Dan suggested that Helical Piers would be the best way to not only stabilize the home but to potentially lift the home back to its proper position.


Foreman, Peter Hensler, led the team on this major project. A helical Pier is another steel piering system. Unlike other push pier systems, the first section of the pier that is driven into the soil has one or multiple helix shaped blades welded to the shaft. Before the team could potentially achieve a lift, Peter first had to excavate the soil near the foundation to prepare for the installation of the helical piers. After Pete had excavated the soil, the team then began driving the helical piers deep into the soil until the necessary depth is achieved using hydraulic pressure. Once the desired depth and capacity is met, the team attaches heavy-duty steel foundation brackets below the foundation footing. The weight of the home was then transferred through the helical piers deep, competent soils. Pete and the team were not only able to stabilize the home but also achieve a lift! Once the home was stabilized and raised back into its proper position, the team back filled the area. Thanks to the extensive knowledge and professionalism of our team, Bill now has a permanent solution to his pertinent foundation troubles!

Driving helical piers deep into competent soils using hydraulic pressure.
A close-up image of the heavy-duty steel brackets that are positioned below the foundation footing.
The home is raised and stabilized with the soil back filled and tampered. Bill has a stable home that is back to it's proper position!