Seth D. of Durant, IA had water coming in through the walls of his basement. The water intrusion made the basement space unlivable. With intentions of finishing the basement in the future, Seth knew the first step would be to waterproof the basement. He decided to call MidAmerica Basement Systems for his free estimate, and meet with a design specialist to get his customized solution.


Seth met with design specialist, Joe Sarb. Joe advised that Seth would need to fully waterproof his basement in order to prevent future water intrusions. The system contained patented sub-floor drainage system, WaterGuard, patented CleanSpace Wall, a SaniDry dehumidifier, the TripleSafe Sump Pump, a buried discharge line, and attachments. The system also included a new basement window, and a Trench Drain.

Mike Clementz' expert team installed the products. WaterGuard is a patented Basement Systems product that runs beneath the floor. CleanSpace Wall is a thick waterproofing product that is used to keep water out of the interior, while still providing an aesthetic, bright, white space. Products like the self-draining SaniDry dehumidifier work well with the TripleSafe Sump Pump, which pumps water out of the basement before it hits the interior. The system is designed so that if the first pump can't seem to keep up, a second, more powerful pump activates to keep the basement dry. Additionally, a battery back up is also installed in the event of a power outage. With one of the most comprehensive systems on the market, Seth finally has peace of mind. 

Water damage in the corner of the wall shows where water frequently intrudes in this space.
CleanSpace Wall encapsulates the walls, covering and preventing water damage.
Continued water damage is evident at the base of the wall.
The SaniDry dehumidifier controls basement moisture, helping to regulate temperature and humidity levels in the house.
The TripleSafe Sump Pump is installed with dual drainage lines, an alarm and a battery back up.