Cedar Rapids homeowner Dennis O. noticed that the area underneath his garage was nothing but air. With the foundation no longer connected to the ground underneath it, it was only a matter of time before the foundation would be in serious jeopardy. He knew to call the local experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems.


Joe Sarb, certified design specialist, met with the homeowners to evaluate their problem. The void needed to be filled, and PolyLEVEL was the best choice. PolyLEVEL, unlike mud jacking, is an inorganic material that conditions the soil beneath it to stop the soil from moving. It dries and hardens in about 15 minutes, making the surface usable almost right after the voids are filled. PolyLEVEL foam is a long term fix. 

Armed with this information, the homeowners agreed that PolyLEVEL would be the smartest decision to lift and stabilize the voided area under their garage. Foreman Levi Freund and his team came out to the property to fill the expansive void. This garage was next to a retaining wall, and while trying to lift the garage floor pressure was applied to the retaining wall. The team had to stop work and dig out underneauth the garage and place hydraulic jacks under the floor, and lift the floor with the jacks to fill the void under the floor with PolyLEVEL. Dennis is very happy. 

There is a huge void under the garage.
The garage needed to be lifted with hydraulic pressure.
The foam will be shaved, leaving a smooth, sturdy, straight edge.
Cracked garage floor.