Jim is the primary building care taker of Genesis Health and was noticing water seeping into the basement area of the building. As he investigated more, he had found mold growing in parts of the area. Mold can cause more issues to the patients that are entering and already hospitalized in the center. He quickly called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems to have the issue properly dealt with.


During inspection, Mac discussed the main issue of the mold was from the leaking foundation. Because the foundation was leaking, and water was not being properly disposed of, it was feeding the mold, allowing it to grow. Mac continued to say that keeping a dry basement will prevent the mold from growing more, making it a safer environment to breathe. It was suggested to have a waterproofing system installed consisting of CleanSpace, WaterGuard, and a TripleSafe. CleanSpace acts as a moisture barrier, keeping moisture out of the air and preventing mold from growing. WaterGuard is a drainage track that collects water from all areas of the basement, directing it to the sump pump. Once the TripleSafe sump accumulates the water, it properly discharges the water from the area, leaving it dry. With all three systems working together, water is kept out of the area, preventing the growth of mold and leaving the center a healthier place to breathe.

Project Summary

Waterproofing Products: TripleSafe, WaterGuard, & CleanSpace

Design Specialist: Mac McDaniel

Project Engineer: Mike Clementz

WaterGuard and CleanSpace are placed along the entire perimeter of the basement area to help prevent mold growth, and keep the area dry.
With the help of WaterGuard and CleanSpace, the discharge lines from the TripleSafe pump water out of the basement area.
No obstacle in the basement area could get in the way of the CleanSpace and WaterGuard systems.