Martha M. from Cedar Rapids was very concerned that cracks in her basement and the open sump pump was allowing toxic Radon gas to seep into her home. Concerned for her family, she called the professionals at MidAmerica Basement Systems to come to her home and test for Radon. The team found high levels of Radon. The Design Specialist, Kiel Marks, suggested to seal cracks, cover the sump pumps and install a Radon Mitigation System to remove the deadly gas from her home.


The project was headed by Lead Foreman, Bill Wilcox. To prevent radon gas from continuously leaking into the home, the team sealed the cracks in the basement and covered the sump pump with an efficient domed cover. To take any Radon gas out of the home and to keep levels low, the team installed the Premium Radon Mitigation System. Now Martha and her family can breathe easy knowing that they are protected from the fatal gas.

This device measures air flow underneath the house. The purpose of this device, is so the team will know if the Radon Mitigation System fan is working to pull air (and Radon) away from the home. The device is showing -000 now because the system is not installed.
Area designated where the radon Mitigation System will be installed.
Sump pump domed covers.
Radon Mitigation System.
Now that the mitigation system is installed, the device shows that the fan is working perfectly to get rid of toxic radon gas from the home!