Bob T. of Geneseo, IL contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems because his fiber glass pool had a seam that had been compromised. He was concerned about the water below the concrete, so he met with design specialist Clayton Spinler. Bob was also interested in replacing the windows in the pool room. When Clayton met with Bob, he noticed that the the walls were bowing on one side. With all of these challenges in mind, Clayton proposed a comprehensive waterproofing and stabilization system. 


Following Bob's meeting with Clayton, Bob had MidAmeirca Basement Systems stabilize his bowing walls with the suggested Wall Anchors. A couple days later, Bob met with foreman Bill Wilcox and his team. Bill's team installed the two new SunHouse windows, and full perimeter, patented, sub-floor drainage system, WaterGuard. The team also installed a new, more powerful pump for the existing sump pump, and included the back up battery system. the team also installed the buried discharge line with LawnScape exit system, and the IceGuard attachment. 

With stabilized walls, new windows, and a comprehensive waterproofing plan, the below ground pool room will be dry for many years to come. 

WaterGuard is along the walls, and the Wall Anchors are covered.
Before any work is done, the space looks like this.
The pool room is yet to be waterproofed.
WaterGuard stretches the full perimeter, circumventing the staircase.
Wall Anchors stabilize the walls, and the sump pump and WaterGuard work hard to keep the basement dry.