Greg Z. from Flanagan was unhappy with the draftiness of his crawl space so he called the professionals at MidAmerica Basement Systems to remedy his crawl space problems. The team sent Design Specialist, Dan Garner to provide Greg with a thorough inspection of the crawl space and provide a quote. Dan suggested to Greg that he should not only encapsulate the space, but also highly recommended insulating the space as well. 


Primary Foreman, Adao Natario, came to the residence first to neutralize the evident mold growth with a revolutionary product called Mold X. Now that the space neutralized, the team had a fresh crawl space to work with. With Lead Foreman Justin Bailey leading the charge, the team first laid drainage matting to crawl space floor. Drainage matting is a dimpled polyethylene membrane designed to go underneath the encapsulation to help any rising water to flow easily away from the space and the matting also provides a cushion, making it easier to access and get around. To insulate the crawl, space the team installed SilverGlo insulation panels which are infused with graphite making it an ideal insulation product. To seal the crawl space from the exposed earth, the team securely fitted the space with CleanSpace liner. CleanSpace liner is made with multiple plastic materials making it strong and flexible. To keep humidity levels low and keep the crawl space healthy and fresh, the team installed SaniDry CX. Greg is excited to have a functional crawl space, but one that is brighter, cleaner and will save him money on his energy bills!

The crawl space before was exposed, making it susceptible to mold, radon and other problems.
SilverGlo is impregnated with graphite making it ideal for insulating spaces from outside influences.
Greg has crawl space that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.