Andrew was noticing a hollow sound when he would drive his car in and out of the garage. It got him worrying about the garage’s structure. Once he looked closer at the foundation, he noticed that the slab and the frame of the garage had pulled apart. In many areas of the garage there was a 3 inch gap between the ground and walls. Panic set in, how would he fix his issue, how stable is the garage, some many questions went through his head.


Bryan from MidAmerica Basement Systems offered the solution of PolyLevel. PolyLevel specializes in lifting large structures with simple ease. The solution has a lifting force of 2,000 to 4,000 pounds per square foot. Once injected, the PolyLevel fills the voids that have been caused by settled and compressed soil. The polymers then expand to lift and stabilize the foundation, reducing and eliminating the gap that became present. PolyLevel also has a quick cure time that will allow Andrew to access his garage within 30 minutes of application. What was once a stressful and worrying situation, now is a relief off of his chest. MidAmerica Basement Systems was able to fix Andrew’s sinking garage slab.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Bryan Nachazel

Project Foreman: Richard Brown, Jr.

Voids from settled and compressed soils have left the garage slab to sink, leaving gaps in the foundation.
After PolyLevel, the slab is lifted and stabilized, eliminated the gap between the garage floor and walls.
From the outside of the garage, the entrance to the area is back to normal, offering a longer-lasting result.