Homeowner Marva has lived in her home for many years. However, in the last few years, she noticed that the crawlspace below her home was taking on water. She feared that this water could lead to mold and other damages to her home. She called MidAmerica Basement Systems to learn more about the options she had to fix this area of her home. Her crawlspace was fully encapsulated with a drainage matting and full CleanSPace walls. CleanSpace is similar to a thick pool liner that will create a watertight barrier between the earth crawlspace and the home. 


However, after a few weeks, she noticed that this was not enough to keep the space dry. She needed a way for the water to exit her home safely. After the crawlspace was encapsulated she also had a LawnScape Outlet installed. The LawnScape is a pipe that will make sure that the water that was in the home is pumped out of the home into a place in the yard where the water won't pool and cause damage. After the LawnScape is completed you would never know that it was in the yard. 

After the pipes are placed and then covered back up after they are completed.
A place is dug out of the yard where the new pipes will be placed.
The pipes are all placed in the trench that was in the yard.