Donald and Joyce H. installed two basement windows into their home several years ago. While they love the added light, they were surprised to find that after heavy rain fall, water would leak into the home from the windows. Enough was enough. They decided to call the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems.


Design specialist Bryan Nachazel came out to the property to help Donald and Joyce figure out the best solution for their leaking window problem. After investigating the water's entry point, Bryan designed a custom solution for the homeowners. To keep water away from the windows, a pump system would need to be installed outside the home at the location where the water was gathering. 

Foreman Justin Reger and his team came out to the home to install a SuperSump sump pump outside, along with a drainage line that will direct the water far away from the foundation and the leaky windows. Typically, the SuperSump is installed in crawlspaces or smaller basements. However, it can also be used outside to pump the water away from the foundation, most especially the windows. The homeowners are pleased that no more water will be getting in through their basement windows, thanks to the new pump system keeping waters away.

This image shows the new location for the SuperSump sump pump.
The drainage line extends far away from the house to keep the foundation safe from excessive water.
The new SuperSump is installed.