Thomas S. from Canton was noticing that a portion of his attached garage foundation had settled and caused a vertical drop of garage wall and floor. Thomas spoke to the Appointment Center Representative, Brittany Soucy, and further explained that along with the sinking foundation, there were are also cracks all over and the door is difficult to open. The team sent a Design Specialist to inspect the premises and provide Thomas with a free estimate. With a clear and permanent plan laid before him, Thomas gave the team the thumbs up!


Leading the project was Foreman, Peter Hensler. Peter and the team excavated the soil to gain access to the foundation footing where the helical pier will be installed and then sections are advanced into the soil. Once the team has managed to reach the proper depths, heavy-duty brackets are positioned below the foundation footing. The weight of the home is then redistributed through the helical piers to competent soils. The team was able to stabilize and achieve a lift, bringing the garage back to its proper position. After the work was completed, the cracks were closed, the door worked perfectly again and the homeowner could not be more happy with the results!

Positioning steel brackets to the foundation footing.
Driving piers into deep, competent soils using hydraulic pressure.
The door works, the crack is closed and that is one happy owner!