Donna and Carl were having moisture issues in their basement so they purchased a dehumidifier. They were finding out that in a day’s time, the dehumidifier would fill up too quickly, leaving the basement with the same issue. They also had issues with the crawlspace when it rained. The crawlspace would leak into the basement, making a muddy, wet mess. Not to mention the nasty mold smell they had in the basement that was starting to seep its way upstairs. They finally reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have their basement issues resolved.


Design specialist, Chris was ready to provide the homeowners with the most effective and permanent solution for the basement. He offered the solution of CleanSpace Liner along the walls and crawlspace to permanently seal off moisture from the rest of the area. CleanSpace Liner acts as a vapor barrier, helping reduce the moisture levels in the home. The liner also has an antimicrobial additive that presents mold from growing, preventing future mold issues. WaterGuard was installed around the perimeter of the basement to collect water that seeps in from the floor and walls. Once collected in the WaterGuard, it is redirected to a SuperSump to be discharged from the home.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Chris DeVore

Project Foreman: Mike Clementz

CrawlSpace Encapsulation: CleanSpace

Basement Waterproofing: CleanSpace, WaterGuard, & SuperSump

Exposed crawlspace has caused large moisture and mold issues for homeowners.
Before waterproofing system is installed. The walls have noticeable chipping paint and stains.
WaterGuard and CleanSpace are installed, sealing off moisture and redirecting it to the SuperSump.
After the SuperSump is installed, the basement is waterproofed and set to address the moisture issues.