Moline homeowner, Rich K. noticed water coming into the corners of his basement. At first, it wasn't too bad. In fact, when it started, he really didn't notice it all. Soon, however, the water damage worsened, damaging the basement carpet to the point where Rich had to take all of it out. Soon after, he called the local experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems to get the water damage corrected once and for all.


Design specialist Dan Garner came out to Rich's home to assess the damage. After careful evaluation, a customized solution was designed for Rich. Soon foreman Justin Reger and his team came out to the property to install the new basement waterproofing system. Full perimeter WaterGuard was recommend with a back up battery for the sump pump. With the full perimeter WaterGuard system, the water is no longer an issue in the basement. Patented WaterGuard, a sub floor drainage system, surrounds the perimeter, and empties into the now battery backed-up sump, keeping water out for good. Rich is very happy with his dry basement!

To the left, an expert laborer is preparing to install WaterGuard sub-floor drainage system.
The existing sump pump before the battery back up.
WaterGuard at a partial install stage.
WaterGuard installed, with battery back up for the sump pump.
WaterGuard, and a port to clean the system and keep it maintained.