Al H. from Bettendorf, IA owns a 60 year old home right on the river. Al called MidAmerica Basement Systems because he was noticing water in the crawlspace, and he had tested his home and found high radon levels. He knew to get in contact with the local experts in All Things Basementy. 


After contacting MidAmerica Basement Systems, Al met with design specialist Clayton Spinler. Clayton talked with Al about the problems he wanted to get solved in his home, including keeping the crawlspace dry, and protecting the home from toxic radon gas. Clayton presented Al with a proposal in hand, that day, with all of his recommendations for keeping the space dry. The recommendations included efforts for both the crawlspace and the radon mitigation. After Al decided to go forward, the crawlspace encapsulation project was finished first.

Foreman Bill Wilcox and his team installed CleanSpace Drainage Matting on the floor of the cold, damp, dark, and dingy crawlspace. The matting is designed to create channels beneath the textured surface. Then, over top of the CleanSpace Drainage Matting, Bill and his team installed CleanSpace on the floors and walls of the crawlspace, fully encapsulating it to prevent water from getting into the space. Finally, they installed three brand new basement windows that seal and keep the water out. Now, Al has a dry crawlspace! His radon mitigation system will be installed next, and that installation is right on schedule. Al is very happy with the now dry space. 

CleanSpace Drainage Matting is being installed on the floor of the crawlspace.
The old window is drafty, causing heat loss in the crawlspace and whole house.
The window is replaced with one that won't leak.
The team is diligently working to install the drainage matting.
Crawlspace encapsulated with CleanSpace.