Fred and Bonnie B. live in Dubuque and when they were experiencing issues of water in their basement, they called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems. The couple spoke to Appointment Center Representative, Jessica McDonough, and explained they have cracks in their foundation where water will trickle down where the floor and wall joint meet. The team sent Design Specialist, Michael Banks, to provide a thorough inspection and free quote to Fred and Bonnie. Upon inspection, Michael was able to suggest permanent solutions to remedy the homeowner’s basement troubles. 


The project was led by Foreman, Justin Bailey. To waterproof the basement, the team installed WaterGuard perimeter drainage system to drain wall leaks and ground water seepage to the local sump pump. As the new sump pump, the team installed SuperSump which comes with a variety of features designed to keep basements dry such a WaterWatch alarm system to alert Fred and Bonnie of any rising issues. The team also installed BrightWall paneling system. BrightWall drains wall leaks to the WaterGuard and its material acts as a vapor barrier. BrightWall in inorganic so water and mold can’t destroy it and it elevates the basement with a semi-finished touch! Fred and Bonnie have waterproofed their basement and brightened it with the help of the professionals at MidAmerica Basement System!

The basement before waterproofing and BrightWall installation.
Installing SuperSump; Zoeller cast iron pump, airtight lid, airtight drain,perforated sump liner, CleanPump stand and WaterWatch alarm system.
The bight white color of the BrightWall panels really bounce the natural light coming in through the window.
BrightWall and WaterGuard work together to keep wall leaks off the foundation floor and to the SuperSump to be carried away!