Larry N. of Moline, IL had recently remodeled his basement when the water started coming into the home. The water was getting in all rooms of the basement, including his newly remodeled bathroom, family room, and the laundry room. He reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems, eager to fix the problem once and for all.


Upon receiving the call, MidAmerica Basement Systems sent a design specialist to Larry's home. When Larry met with his design specialist for a free estimate, he had all of his questions answered. Larry's custom designed solution was set to install.

Foreman Kyle McCarty and his team were assigned to the installation of patented WaterGuard, and new TripleSafe sump pump with a LawnScape land well, and IceGuard. WaterGuard, a sub-floor drainage system, was installed as a partial system on the west wall where water had been intruding. The TripleSafe sump pump works with the WaterGuard to keep water out of the basement. TripleSafe is adequetly named, as it has dual pumps and a battery back up. The first pump works great, but the second, more powerful pump is there in the event that the first pump fails or the water gets to be too high, so both pumps work together to keep the water out. The IceGuard attachment fixates on the pump discharge line, so in the event that the pipe freezes, water is still pushed out above the snow and ice, and away from the foundation. With these products at work for Larry, he now rests easy knowing his basement will stay dry. 

The new sump pump, the TripleSafe, will soon be installed here.
WaterGuard wraps easily around the corner.
WaterGuard is installed in the lower level bathroom.
New TripleSafe Sump Pump looks great in it's new location.