Bobbie’s home had an old coal room for a basement, and over the years it began to leak. He finally reached out to MidAmerica basement Systems to have the area waterproofed. When Cole inspected the situation, he noticed that mold had started to grow. Bobbie was concerned that the waterproofing system would not be affective due to the Michigan Ledge that lined 3/4th of the basement.


He offered CleanSpace to be placed on the walls to help reduce moisture issues and to help prevent future mold growth. Because CleanSpace is a thick liner, it can properly fold and wrap with the curves and edges of the Michigan Ledge. WaterGuard was installed around the perimeter of the basement to collect and redirect the water to the TripleSafe. Bobbie no longer has issues with a wet, damp coal room, but now a dry room that he can use for storage.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Cole Tatge

Project Foreman: Dillon Heard

Basement Waterproofing: CleanSpac, WaterGuard, & TripleSafe

Mold growth has formed from leaking coal room.
Old coal room had leaked for many years, leaving water damage and mold growth.
Crewmen carefully dig around the water line so the WaterGuard can be installed.
CleanSpace and WaterGuard are installed, reducing moisture levels and collecting seeping water.
All water is discharged out of the TripleSafe, leaving the basement dry.