Toluca homeowner, Reece D., had two properties with foundation walls riddled with cracks and showing signs of bowing. After deliberating and comparing multiple companies, Reece decided to trust both of his properties to the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems. Design Specialist, Kevin Coakley, was the team member that provided Reece with a free estimate and who helped Reece understand what permanent solutions would work best for both of his properties. Reece gave the team a confident thumbs up to begin the project. 


Both projects were led by Foreman, Shane Ravenscraft. The team permanently stabilized both properties with Geo-Lock Wall Anchors. Once all of the components of the Geo-Lock anchor systems are in place, the team tightens the systems which stabilizes the bowing, cracked walls. When the walls are stabilized, the team works to backfill the holes and replace the sods to leave the home looking great.  When there isn’t enough space outside of a wall in need of stabilizing, the team switches gears and installs another great system, PowerBrace. Powerbrace is an I-Beam system unlike other common I-Beam systems as it is zinc coated to resist erosion. Both the Geo-Lock anchor system and the PowerBrace system have special tightening features that allow for potential straightening of the walls. Reece is happy with the excellent service the MidAmerica Basement Systems team provided and relieved to have the foundation walls at both of his locations permanently supported.

Walls before stabilization.
To begin the installation of Geo-Lock earth anchors, the team digs small holes a few feet away from the foundation walls.
The PowerBrace I-Beam system.
The wall anchor system provides permanent support while maintaining a low-profile in the home.
Once the walls are stabilized, the team makes sure to leave the homeowner wowed with the project by backfilling the augured holes and replaces sod.