Unlevel and sagging concrete isn’t just a safety or appearance issue, it can also be a reason behind a leaking basement. After years of ground settlement and wash-outs under concrete slabs, slabs become weak and sag into the voids, causing the slabs to pull away from the foundation. This leaves a space for water to pool and leak into your basement.


MidAmerica Basement System uses PolyLevel as the new, long-lasting solution to your slopping, cracking, unlevel concrete slabs. When PolyLevel is injected, it uses high-density polymers that quickly expand to fill the void between the ground and concrete, and lifting the slab back to a level state. In this case, bringing the concrete back to a level state, the space between the concrete and foundation is now gone. This will help reduce water from pooling and leaking into the home. Along with helping keep your basement dry, it helps restore property value and reduce safety hazards.

Deep cracks allow water to pool, and potentially leak into your basement.
PolyLevel helps fill voids/cracks to prevent water from pooling, while leveling the concrete.