Homewowner, Randy was concerned about the concrete leveling on the back patio. The kids would spend endless hours running around kicking a soccer ball or riding their bikes. With all the snow and ice we have had this winter he was nervous to see what damage it caused to the concrete surface. He knew the concrete surface was uneven in the past and wanted a safe surface for his kids to play on. He was not sure if he would need to fully replace the concrete which was something he was not wanting to do and pay for.


Randy decided it was in his best interest to seek professional help to fix the surface. He contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems and a Design Specialist was able to come out and take a look at the concrete surface. The Design Specialist recommended that PolyLevel would be installed to level out the surface. It is a quick installation that will help lift and level the concrete and the kids would be able to play on it fifteen minutes after installation. Now Randy can have his kids play on the surface with no worries about a kid getting hurt thanks to MidAmerica Basement Systems.

The concrete level surface in Randy's backyard.