Bill and Kathryn D. of Moline were having issues with cracks forming and uneven leveling of their concrete driveway. Over the years, the ground under your driveway begins to settle and shift, causing the concrete to sink and become uneven. Uneven concrete not only is unappealing to the eyes, but it also is a walking hazard.


MidAmerica Basement Systems has a solution to fixing unlevel concrete. PolyLevel is similar to mudjacking, but with modern knowledge and technology involved. Instead of using concrete and mud, polymers are used to fill the voids under the concrete. PolyLevel uses less holes and are small enough to go unnoticed, that help lift concrete slabs to eve, level position(s). Now Bill and Kathryn’s driveway is one smooth level, and has restore property value.

Project Summary

Concrete Slab Lifing: PolyLevel

Uneven concrete slabs cause safety hazards.
PolyLevel fills voids under concrete to create a level and safe area to walk.
Before PolyLevel is injected, there is a 3-inch difference between the driveway and garage slabs.
Less than half-inch of difference after PolyLevel is injected.