Doug’s driveway had sunken, creating unlevel slabs and a large drop from the garage to the driveway. His driveway was fairly new, and couldn’t understand why he was experiencing this issue so soon. After reaching out to MidAmerica Basement Systems for an evaluation, he was astonished at the reasoning of his situation. Bryan had pointed out that the gutter line pointing at the driveway was causing the ground underneath the slabs, to wash out. When the ground is washed away, voids become present, causing the concrete to sink and slop downwards.


Bryan had suggested injected PolyLevel under the concrete slabs. The injection of PolyLevel first fills all the voids, creating a permanent “hold” to the ground underneath. It then expands, the PolyLevel precisely lifts and levels the concrete. The polyurethane is made of a waterproof material, so it will never washout, offering the perfect solution for concrete lifting. To prevent future washouts to the untreated areas, a new downspout was placed under the existing gutter shoot. Crewmen removed a piece of the sidewalk, and dug a trench for the line to be buried. Placing the line away from all types of concrete slabs, helps prevent future washouts. The removed concrete was replaced and sealed with NexusPro Joint Sealant, using a waterproof seal so rain water cannot seep down through the cracks.

Project Summary

Concrete Leveling: PolyLEVEL

Design Specialist: Bryan Nachazel

Project Engineer: Richard Brown, Jr.

Poorly placed gutter down spouts have been seeping underneath the concrete driveway.
Ground has been washout from underneath the slabs, causing the driveway to sink from the garage entrance.
PolyLevel injections have properly lifted and leveled the driveway back to its original state.
Crewmen remove concrete and grass to install new gutter shoot.
New gutter spout prevents water from washing out the ground from under the concrete, while making it virtually unnoticeable.
Concrete is replaced and sealed, offering a trip-free walkway and discharge line.