Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility, especially if you are in the renting business. You must always keep you tenants safe, and in doing so, a stable foundation is the first place to start. Louis R. has many buildings that are up for rent, but only if they pass all safety codes. As an inspector was overlooking on of his property, he denied Louis the “green light” for renting due to an unstable foundation. There was a major issue with the East and South side of the building. Over the years, the pressure from the ground had caused the foundation walls to bow in an unsafe manner.


In order to stop the walls from bowing even more, and possibly straighten the walls back to normal, the experts of MidAmerica Basement Systems stepped in to help Louis. They assessed the issue and came to the resolution that the best fit for the foundation was PowerBraces. A PowerBrace is designed to support basement walls and can potentially straighten them over time. These beams allow members of the crew to tighten them when needed, have a zinc coating to keep them from corroding and rusting, and is installed so that the weight of the wall and rest of the home is distributed evenly to reduce any additional pressure. After the PowerBraces were installed in Louis’ property, the inspector gave the official green light so he could start renting out the property. Louis and his tenants can now rest assure that with the support of the PowerBraces, the walls will no longer continue to bow, but instead stand sturdy and hopefully one day become straight again.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Justin Reger

Products Installed: 12 - PowerBrace

PowerBraces installed to prevent walls from bowing and potentially reverse the issue over time.