Shirley was out doing yard work when she noticed a large separation in her home’s foundation. As she went inside to investigate her situation more, she began noticing stair-step cracking throughout the foundation. She quickly reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have a specialist assess her situation.


Upon arrive, Mac had discussed the solution of PowerBraces. A PowerBrace is an I-Beam system that uses the wooden floor joist system of the home to properly distribute the correct force needed to support the wall, without damaging the rest of the home. It has a patented tightening feature that helps keep the appropriate pressure on the walls, while having the potential to straighten the wall over time. The PowerBrace’s tightening feature will also help close the foundation gaps that Shirley had noticed outside her home.

Project Summary

Bowing Wall Repair: PowerBraces

Design Specialist: Mac McDaniel

Due to the bowing wall, foundation gaps became noticeable outside the home.
The electrical lines were posing threat for the use of PowerBraces.
Specialized PowerBraces were fused together to work with the electrical lines.
PowerBraces are installed tightly against to floor and wall joint, allowing for the proper pressure needed on the wall.
The patented tightening system allows for the PowerBraces to be secure against the walls, potentially straightening the over time.