Wooden studs and fiberglass insulation are never a good idea when installing in a basement setting. Basements are always wet, even if you have a waterproofed basement. Because concrete is porous, moisture can seep through causing the walls and floors to become damp. When the floor and walls become damp, the wooden studs and insulation absorb the moisture, causing many issues. The studs and insulation become “swollen”, warp, rot, ruined, and worst of all, become moldy.


Installing Basement to Beautiful Insulated Wall Panels are the only proper solution for basement settings. The panels offer a graphite particle infused property that increases energy savings up to 24% more than regular insulation. Unlike regular insulation, Basement to Beautiful panels provide a waterproof vapor barrier rather than absorbing water, and ruining the product. Like normal stud systems, they are placed tight up against the damp, cold walls, creating a conductive surface, transferring the warmth from the inside to the out and vis-versa. The built-in studs in Basement to Beautiful panels prevent heat from being transferred by providing a 2inch break from the wall. With Basement to Beautiful panels, your basement walls are ready for finishing.

Project Summary

Basement Insulation: Basement to Beautiful Insulated Wall Panels

Design Specialist: Mike Banks

Project Engineer: Bill Wilcox

Basement walls are porous, unintentionally leaving the walls damp and moist.
Crewmen prepare to installed Basement to Beautiful panels.
Easy installation allows for windows and electrical boxes a simple obstacle.
Basement to Beautiful panels have changed the look of the basement.