Seana recently had radon tests completed at her home and when she received her results, she was in shock. She had levels reaching as high as 8.1 pCi/L. Standard EPA recommends reducing radon levels that are 4.0 pCi/L or higher to increase the air quality of the home. After talking with many different companies, her panic grew more and more, for no company could give her a solution to fixing her radon issue. She was about to give up, but gave it one more chance and reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems.


Design specialist Bryan arrived at her home determined to give her the most affective and proper solution for mitigating the radon in her home. As Seana explained that the gas was coming from her untreated crawlspace, she didn’t hold her breath. Bryan had the most effective solution due to MidAmerica Basement Systems patented CleanSpace product. Bryan explained the importance of the sealing off the ground from the crawlspace. This would eliminate the entrance points of the radon, making it controllable to pull the gas from out of the ground, and back out into the open. The CleanSpace liner, about as thick as a pool liner, gives a permanent, tear- and puncture-resistant, seal so the radon mitigation system can properly work. Seana couldn’t be more happy or relieved due to the affective solution that was offered by MidAmerica Basement Systems. She can now live in a home that is safer and heathier to breathe.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Bryan Nachazel

Project Foreman: Bill Wilcox

Crawlspace Encapsulation: CleanSpace

Better Air Quality: Radon Mitigation

The untreated, dirt crawlspace has left the home exposed to high levels of radon.
Crewmen work quickly and efficiently to seal off the ground from the crawlspace.
A small exit hole is created to help redirect the radon out from under the home.
A certified radon mitigation fan is installed.
The complete mitigation system is installed, instantly creating better air quality in the home.
Thanks to CleanSpace encapsulation, the radon can be properly withdrawn from the home, leaving the homeowner happy and relieved.