Melissa is the owner of a rental property and was looking to rent out her space. Before she could have any renters, her home had to pass inspection. In the past she had issues with a leaking basement and had a sump pump installed. What she thought was fixed, only brought on more issues. Water was coming in above and around the Michigan Ledge, leaking the basement wet once again. This time Melissa contacted the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems.


When design specialist, Chris arrived at the properly, he thoroughly inspected the basement and provided the necessary system she needed to allow for home renters. Since the main issue was water not reaching the sump pump due to the Michigan Ledge, the aid of CleanSpace Drainage Matting and Liner was needed. Drainage matting was placed along the surface of the ledge to help collect moisture and help guide it along to the edge of the wall. CleanSpace Liner was then installed along the walls and over top the matting and down into a WaterGuard drainage system. CleanSpace Liner acts as a moisture barrier, helping reduce the humidity and moisture levels in the basement, and aid seeping water into the WaterGuard system. Once water collects in the WaterGuard, it is then redirected to the existing sump pump to be discharged, and keeping the basement dry. Now that Melissa was a properly waterproofed basement, she can continue looking for tenants to occupy her property.

Homeowner's rental property had an issue with a leaking Michigan Ledge, leaving a mess in the basement.
Trenches are dug around the perimeter of the Michigan Ledge so WaterGuard can be properly installed.
CleanSpace liner and matting are being installed to help reduce moisture and direct it to the sump pump.
After CleanSpace is installed, WaterGuard is put into place, connecting the system to the sump pump.
Properly sealed Michigan Ledge allows for a dry basement, making the rental property fit for future tenants.