The homeowners of this Calamus residence were frustrated with their two smelly, damp and filthy crawl space. With their home feeling dampened by the condition of their crawl spaces, the homeowners reached put to the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems. The team sent Design Specialist, David "Mac" McDaniel, to the residence and provided the homeowners with a thorough inspection and free estimate. The homeowners understood the solutions presented to them and decided to trust their new home to the professionals.


The team's Foreman leading this project was Mike Clementz.  The team began sealing the space from the earth by laying drainage matting on the crawl space floor. Drainage matting is dimpled polyethylene membrane that will allow water to flow freely beneath the CleanSpace liner once installed. To insulate the crawl space and save the homeowners money in energy bills, the team installed SilverGlo insulating panels. The team then completed the project by installing CleanSpace liner to effectively encapsulate the space. CleanSpace is a thick, antimicrobial infused liner that is designed to block water and water vapor from getting into the crawl space. SaniDry CX was also installed to keep humidity levels low while ridding the crawls spaces of their foul smell. The homeowners now have a crawl space that is beautifully sealed, dry and bright!

The crawl space before encapsulation was damp and smelly.
The CleanSpace liner is a thick, durable liner that is designed to prevent water and water vapor from getting into the crawl space. SilverGlo panels were installed to insulate the crawl space. Both systems together will keep this crawl space dry, bright and warm.
SaniDry CX was installed to keep humidity levels low while keeping the air fresh and healthy.