Art and Karen were noticing cracks along the walls in their kitchen and living room, and having issues with their doors and windows operating properly. The thought that it was only a minor issue and contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems. During inspection, they found out that their issue was way worse than just a simple wall crack. They had a large issue of settled foundation, that needed to be properly addressed.


The main reason for the problem was the settlement that occurred under the home, causing the foundation to crack and shift. Crew members quickly began working in the basement, removing the concrete floor and digging proper depths to install a Push Pier system. Each Push Pier must be drilled to a new, permanently stable level so the home can be lifted and raised back to a stable position. Each Push Pier is placed under the home’s footing, to effectively lift the home, potentially closing any cracks, and improving window and door functions. A SmartJack was installed to lift the sagging floor, providing the proper weight distribution for the main living area of the home.

Project Summary

Foundation Repair: Push Pier & SmartJack

Design Specialist: Joe Sarb

Project Engineer: Pete Hensler

Holes are properly dug, so Push Piers can be installed and lift home.
Calculations are made to ensure accurate lift and stabilization for the home.
Hydraulic pressure drills the Piers to a stable and proper depths to create a permanent solution.
SmartJack is installed to give the floor the proper support and to reduce sagging.
Push Piers that could not be accessible inside the home, were completed on the outside.