Xiaowen and Hua Shen were concerned about entering and leaving their home. They were having issues with the front door sticking, making opening and shutting the door extremely difficult. They thought they needed a new door and had it replaced, to only have the same issue with the new one. As they looked more and more into their situation, the realized there was large foundation cracks found throughout their home, indicating foundation settlement. They quickly contacted MidAmerica Basement System to have their home looked at.


Mac arrived at their home, hoping to resolve their issue. After looking further into the situation, he come to a conclusion to potentially lift and level the foundation. Helical Piers were offered to stabilize the home’s foundation, preventing any future settlement. Helical Piers are driven deep down into the ground to a stable bedrock, and placed along the home’s foundation footing to stabilize and potentially lift and level the settled section. The ground from around the home’s foundation is excavated, allowing for the crew to drill deep into the ground to the most stable bedrock to support the home. Once appropriate depths are met, brackets are installed. Each bracket is placed on the home’s footing to provide the permanent support needed to prevent any future settling. Once the bracket is installed, a hydraulics system helps jack the pier tight against the home, and potentially lefts and levels the sunken portion of the home. Foundation cracks became smaller, and the front door because accessible once again for Xiaowen and Hua Shen.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Mac McDaniel

Project Foreman: Pete Hensler

Settlement Repair: Helical Piers

Crewmen begin excavation of the dirt around the foundation.
Helical Piers are driven deep into the ground, and foundation cracks are sealed to help keep water out.
Hydraulic systems are connected to the brackets to stabilize and lift the foundation.
Each Helical Pier has been stabilized and are ready to have the ground placed back over them.