Rich and Cydi also host neighborhood gatherings at their home, but were hesitant to continue to do so. Their back-yard patio had begun to settle and sink, causing tripping hazards, especially near the fire pit. They didn’t want anyone to injury themselves and told everyone that this would be their last party, explaining why. When everyone heard about it, a neighbor brought to their attention the injection technology MidAmerica Basement Systems offered.


When the experts arrived to assess Rich and Cydi’s patio, the solution PolyLevel was offered. To inject PolyLevel, small 3/8th inch holes are drilled into the concrete, and the solution is applied. PolyLevel is are high-density polymers that fill the void that has cause the sinking, and is combined with a solution to expand and lift the slab. The quick reaction time of the PolyLevel ensures that the slab is lifted accurately and precisely. Once the slab is lifted, the solution hardens to provide a permanent and stable base for the patio. NexusPro Joint Sealant is then applied to all the cracks to protect the patio, diverting away any water that could potentially wash away the ground underneath. It also prevents cracks from worsening over time, bending and flexing during natural movement of the ground. Rich and Cydi can continue to host gatherings at their home.

Sinking patio has caused cracking and tripping hazards, making it unsafe for guests.
Poly ports are strategically placed along the patio to lift and stabilize the sunken areas.
Old caulk is removed, preparing the concrete, so PolyLevel can be properly injected.
PolyLevel reduces tripping hazards, making the patio safe again for guests.
The homeowners can continue to host parties with a leveled patio.