Glena was noticing some cracking along the walls on the North side of her home, not thinking too much of it. She then began to noticing the windows and doors sticking, making it hard to open and close them. When she went to remodel her basement, she removed the flooring and walling and found a large floor crack. She also so a large gap in her foundation between the blocks. She began to worry and quickly reached for help from MidAmerica Basement Systems.


Design specialist, Joe, inspected her home, notifying her of the major settlement issues she had. The settlement was affecting the Northwest corner of her home, causing the foundation to sinking, which was causing the cracks she was finding throughout her home and basement. Joe offered her a helical pier system to stabilize her home. To access the home’s foundation, the dirt around the house is excavated down past the footing. Helical piers are driven deep down into stable bedrock, to provide the necessary support needed to stabilize the home. Once a stable bedrock is met, mounting brackets are placed along the home’s footing and the weight is shifted to the piers. A hydraulic system then helps lift the home back to its original position, and permanently stabilizes the foundation. Glena now has a stable home for many more years to come.

Project Summary

Settlement Repair: Helical Piers

Systems Design Specialist: Joe Sarb

Settlement Repair Specialist: Pete Hensler

The homeowner realized there was a much bigger issue than cracks when the foundation started to fall apart.
After the dirt has been excavated around the home, crewmen begin drilling helical piers deep down to stable bedrocks.
Extension rods are added to ensure the proper depths are met to permanent stability for the home.
After proper depths are met, mounting brackets are installed to support the weight of the home.
The brackets are ready for the hydraulics system, lifting and stabilizing the home is ready to take place.