Richard has a concrete patio around the backside of his home. Over the years, the area had shifted, causing the patio to slope in many areas. During large rainfalls, the water would run towards the home’s foundation and begin to pool, posing threat to the home. He began having concerns about how much it would cost to have the area repaired or even worse, completely re-poured. He began calling around for solutions to his sinking patio.


After many different solutions offered, Richard finally began to feel relief when he talked with MidAmerica Basement Systems. Cole had offered him to solution PolyLevel. PolyLevel are high-density polymers that are injected under the concrete to fill the voids that have caused the slabs to sink. Once the voids are filled, the material expands to lift and stabilize the concrete. Small port holes, the size of a dime, are drilled into the concrete so PolyLevel can be injected. The quick reaction time of the PolyLevel allows for precise and accurate lift, preventing over- and under-lifting of the area. The patio can now be accessed within minutes, rather than waiting days on end for the injections to cure. The waterproof material also keeps the area unaffected by rainfall, providing a longer-lasting solution.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Cole Tatge

Project Foreman: Richard Brown, Jr.

Patio Lifting and Leveling: PolyLEVEL

Sinking patio has allowed for water to pool around the home's foundation.
Poly Ports are placed, ready to be installed for injections.
After injections, gaps are reduced and concrete is leveled and stabilized.
Injection holes are unnoticed, leaving the patio appearance the same before injections.