Roger C. had purchased a home that was built in the 1920’s that had a couple of cracks along the door frames which he figured he would just fix with some products from the nearby hardware store, after all, they were just settlement cracks right? What Roger came to find out was the cracks were more than just “settlement cracks”, but more seriously, stress cracks from a failing foundation.


Since the home was built in the ‘20’s, the foundation support beams were made of wood, and over the years of the ground settling, was causing them to crack and split, putting Roger’s home at a serious risk of failure. Roger quickly started searching the Internet on what to do with his failing foundation and found that MidAmerica Basement Systems had just what he was looking for. SmartJacks are a steel support system that stabilizes and levels floor joists, walls that may be sitting on top of the sagging floor above, and other loads that the rest of the home may have. A SmartJack can withstand up to 60,000 lbs., adjustable, and made out of zinc-plated steel. The Crew of MidAmerica Basement Systems got to work quickly to properly install the SmartJacks to level back Roger’s home. Roger now has seven (7) SmartJacks supporting his home, instead of four (4) rotting and cracking beams. A sturdy home makes for a happy homeowner.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Justin Reger

Product Installed: SmartJack

Splitting support beam.
SmartJacks installed to support home and level flooring.
Crew member installing SmartJack.