Marlene M. and Julie S. had water coming into their basement from all different angles. Water damage was evident on the floors, the walls, and the joints. Something had to be done, so they called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems for their free estimate. 


The homeowners met with design specialist Mike Banks for a custom solution. Mike inspected the inside and outside of his building to assess the damage, and identify where the water was trespassing into the basement. Then, Mike worked with the homeowners to decide what the best solution was for them. 

To meet the homeowners' goals, the basement was waterproofed using a full perimeter of WaterGuard. WaterGuard is a sub-floor drainage system that keeps water out of the basement and drains the water into the sump pump. Additionally, CleanSpace Wall Vapor Barrier was used to line the walls, providing a mold resistant surface, and blocking water from intrusion. A new sump pump, the SuperSump, and a high-end dehumidifier, the SaniDry, were both installed in the basement to control water and humidity. Finally, a discharge line with IceGuard topped off the waterproofing system. Now, the basement is dry, and Marlene and Julie are very happy!

Water damage is non discriminatory. The water damaged the stone, wood and the concrete of the Clinton home.
The history of the water intrusion is shown by all the damage on the walls.
The buried discharge line empties from a LawnScape Well. IceGuard is attached on the discharge line so that water and ice can empty out above the snow if the pipe freezes.
The new SaniDry and SuperSump keep the basement maintain the moisture levels.
CleanSpace Wall protects the walls from further damage.