Josh and Heather previously purchased a home that had some wall stabilization done, and the windows were sealed to offer a “waterproofed” basement. They figured that since it had been fixed, that no other issues were present, but they were wrong. After a few months of living in the home, they quickly began to notices water leaking in through the walls, and other bowing walls. They had to be careful of what they stored in their basement, in fear that it could be ruined by moisture and mold. They reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have their issues addressed.


Design specialist Joe, evaluated their home, offering a PowerBrace system to correct the bowing wall issue. PowerBraces are a patented I-Beam system that permanently stabilizes the wall, while offering the possibility of straightening the wall(s) to its original position. For added support, a cross beam was installed with the PowerBrace system to give the much-needed support for the failing wall. To address to leaking wall issue, CleanSpace Liner was installed along the walls, creating a vapor barrier from the rest of the basement. WaterGuard was installed along the base of the walls to collect the leaking water from the walls and floors, to redirect it to a TripleSafe sump so it will be discharged out of the home. As for the poorly sealed windows, new EverLast Windows replaced the old ones, providing the proper seal that was much needed for the basement. Josh and Heather can now use their basement for storage without the worry of their belongings becoming ruined.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Joe Sarb

Waterproofing Specialist: Mike Clementz

Foundation Specialist: Pete Hensler

Waterproofing Products: WaterGuard, TripleSafe, EverLast Windows, & CleanSpace

Bowing Wall Repair: PowerBrace and Cross Beam Support

Poorly sealed, broken basement windows still leaked and caused moisture and mold issues.
Old I-Beam system only addressed one of the bowing walls, leaving the home unstable.
A dirt crawlspace with a crumbling wall has allowed for extra moisture to enter the basement, always leaving the basement damp.
CleanSpace and WaterGuard are installed through the basement.
PowerBraces and a Support Cross Beam are installed to address the other bowing wall.
CleanSpace has sealed off the dirt form from the rest of the basement, significantly reducing the moisture levels.
New EverLast Windows and a TripleSafe sump provide the proper seal and keep the basement dry for the homeowners.