Christiana C. of Rock Island, IL noticed the wall to her garage was leaning outward. Concerned for the structural integrity of the property, Christiana called MidAmeria Basement Systems and met with service technician Adao Natario.


Adao Natario met with Christiana in regards to her concerns about her leaning garage wall. Adao conducted an investigation of the inside and outside of the home before he designed a custom solution for Christiana and her garage. Adao recommended straightening the wall and installing helical tiebacks.

The helical tiebacks were installed by foreman Pete Hensler and his crew. The helical tieback drives into the ground at an angle with a plate attached at the other end. They can be installed in spaces that are considered a tight fit, and have a predictable capacity. The wall is now straight, and stabilized by the helical tiebacks.

Helical tiebacks are installed below ground, angled to support the wall and prevent it from leaning outward.
The project is back filled when complete.
Part of the floor in the garage needed to be temporarily removed for ease of install.
After the install, the space is re-concreted.