Justin and Lin E. were interested in purchasing a farmhouse from a relative in Annawan, however, the issue of the basement's unsafe conditions needed to be remedied first. The relative interested in selling decided to give the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems a call. The relative explained that the home is older and the basement walls are brick/clay which were in need of structural repair. The team sent Design Specialist, Mac McDaniel, to inspect, provide information and a quote. Mac met with both the seller of the home and the buyer and was able to come up with a clear plan.


Foreman, Shane Ravenscraft, headed the project. The team installed 25 Geo-Lock Anchors to permanently stabilize the walls. The team began by digging a small in the soil, a few feet away from the foundation. A steel rod is drilled through a 1” hole in the foundation wall and is connected to an earth anchor that is situated within an augured hole. Low-profile wall plates are positioned on the interior of basement wall and secured to the rod. The augured hole is back filled and sod is replaced. Once everything is perfectly in place, the team mechanically fastens the wall anchor system and the walls are permanently stabilized. Geo-Lock wall anchors have many benefits, but one if the great features is that it can allow for tightening which can improve the wall condition over time. The new homeowners have a stable, safe basement they can finish and enjoy!

Unstable brick wall in need of stabilizing.
Green tape marks the spot! The team marks the locations of where the anchors will be installed. The team takes every precaution to make sure the job is done correctly!
The wall is permanently stabilized!
Geo-Lock wall anchors have 10 times more contact with the soil which means greater holding power than other anchor systems!