In the past, Donald had an issue with one of his foundation walls bowing inward, causing leaking and unstable foundation. After having it repaired, by MidAmerica Basement Systems, he had a permanently stabilized wall with a waterproofing system to keep his home stable and dry. Years later, he had begun to notice slight bowing on the other walls in his basement and quickly contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems before they could worsen.


Mike, design specialist, had offered yet another permanent solution for Donald’s basement. CarbonArmor was presented to stabilize the walls, and prevent them from worsening. CarbonArmor is a fabric strip infused with polymers that flexes along the wall, contouring tightly for the most effective bond. Each strip creates a force that is 10 times strong than steel with a low-profile design that can easily be installed behind piping or other obstacles that become present in basements. CarbonArmor offers the ArmorLock system to gives the extra strength to the system by connecting it to the wood floor joist system of the home. With the ArmorLock system, inward tipping of the top of the wall is prevented, making it the best fit for the CarbonArmor system. Donald’s basement is now permanently stabilized, relieving him of the worries of a failing foundation.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Mike Banks

Project Forman: Mike Clementz

Foundation Stablization: CarbonArmor

Donald had previously installed a foundation and waterproofing systems in the past with MidAmerica Basement Systems and continued to reach out to them for more help.
Cracking had begun appearing on the untreated walls, posing threat once again to Donald's home structure.
Workers prepare the area for installation of new CarbonArmor and ArmorLock systems.
Thanks to the CarbonArmor and ArmorLock systems, the walls have been stabilized once again, making his home safe.