Robert and Sandra were looking to purchase a new home, and found the house of their dreams. After their inspection, it was noted that the basement foundation walls had begun to bow, leaving the home unstable. They didn’t want to lose the house, but didn’t want to invest in a home that was not safe to live in. They reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have the bowing walls evaluated more, looking for options on what it will take to fix the foundation.


Design specialist, Mac, offered them a GeoLock Wall Anchor system to stabilize the walls. Long, galvanized steel rods are drilled through the foundation and connected to a GeoLock Anchors to permanently stabilize and stop any inward movement on the walls. The large anchors give the proper strength to hold the walls in place, while offering the option to be tightened over time to better the situation of the bowing walls. After Robert and Sandra talked with the homeowner, an agreement came about to have the basement foundation repaired, allowing the couple move into their dream home.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Mac McDaniel

Project Foreman: Pete Hensler

Foundation Stabilization: GeoLock Wall Anchors

Bowing walls have left the foundation unstable.
GeoLock Wall Anchors are installed on the inside of the basement to apply pressure to the bowing walls.
GeoLock Wall Anchors have permanently stabilized the foundation, preventing any inward movement from happening.