Reece was having terrible issues with bowing foundation walls in his basement. His foundation walls were beginning to bow inwards, creating foundation cracks and leaking foundation. He had many offers and quotes, but most of the offers couldn’t address the wall with the largest foundation bow. Because this wall had a septic system by the foundation, a wall anchor system was not fit for fixing the foundation. After receiving a quote from MidAmerica Basement Systems, and the offer of both a GeoLock Wall Anchor System and PowerBrace System, Reece was finally relieved.


GeoLock Wall Anchors were installed along two of the three bowing walls. Anchors are placed deep into ground providing proper pull to the anchor on the inside of the foundation wall. Over time, the GeoLock Anchor system can be tightened, potentially straightening the wall back to its original position. For the wall that was alongside the septic system, a PowerBrace System was installed. PowerBraces are an I-Beam system that use the floor joist system inside your home, rather than creating the proper support from the outside. With the PowerBraces be properly distributed throughout the floor system, overtime it can potentially improve the structure of the wall. With both systems working together, Reece has a stable foundation that provides a permanent solution to stop his walls from bowing more. 

Project Summary

Foundation Repair: GeoLock Wall Anchor

Foundation Repair: PowerBrace System

GeoLock Wall Anchors provide a stable support to the bowing foundation. This system allows for tightening over time, increasing the chances of straightening the wall(s) back to its original state.
A PowerBrace System was installed to the wall located next to the septic system. Providing proper distributed weight along the system, allows the system to be tightened without damaging the floor joist system.